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UniQuest launches intelligent admissions processing tool

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We’re proud to launch our new automated decision-making platform for admissions processing: Smart Select. A result of close collaboration with pioneering partners and development of the UniQuest platform, Smart Select is the first solution of its kind to launch in the market.

Our new intelligent tool transforms admissions processing for universities by enabling them to quickly prioritise the right quality applicants amid overwhelmingly high volumes.

What is Smart Select and how can it help?

Smart Select reduces the need for human intervention on every single application by automatically filtering out those that do not meet pre-defined criteria. This reduces pressure on admissions teams and allows them to focus on those applicants who are more likely to enrol.

The result? Faster turnaround times and a much better experience for all applicants, with timely communication notifying them quickly if their application is or isn’t progressing.

Where we’re already deploying the Smart Select tool with existing partners, it’s proven to have a huge impact: leading to a 50% reduction in manual intervention and accelerating the average offer turnaround time to just five days.

How does it actually work?

The platform automates decisions based on a set of pre-defined criteria, including qualifications, visa history and financial suitability. This is fully customisable to the university’s requirements.

Once initial screening forms are completed by applicants, an automated workflow is triggered to reject, withdraw or process an application based on the responses.

An update on the outcome is automatically sent to both the applicant and the admissions team, with the latter then able to assess the relevant applicants and make a decision on next steps from there.

"Our new decision-making tool really is a game-changer in helping admissions teams to prioritise at volume, and hone in quickly on those applicants that are the best fit for them.

We now have a really comprehensive admissions service - with universities able to use our Smart Select tool on its own, with the additional option to then hand the relevant applications to our team to process and manage.

We know that students are walking away from universities if they’re not processed fast enough. This makes admissions processing a really important component in helping the UK to remain competitive – ensuring we’re better in this area helps us retain an edge.”

Rachel Fletcher, CEO and Co-Founder, UniQuest

What's the best way to use it?

To date, the majority of our partners are using Smart Select to help process applications from specific high-volume international markets, but it can also be deployed for home applications too.

We’ve built Smart Select so that it can be used either as a standalone tool, or combined with our wider application processing and enquiry management services to generate maximum efficiency across the whole admissions journey.

To really hone in on those applicants most likely to enrol, the platform can also be underpinned by our unique propensity modelling - built on a decade of insight and millions of student records to forecast the probability of enrolment based on behavioural and demographic indicators. Together, this offers an extremely powerful way to streamline decision-making!