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Group 197

Teesside University: a journey to exceptional international growth.

08.01.2023 | UniQuest | Case studies

Teesside University prides itself on being innovative.

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How personalised communication at scale improved Hull's enrolment journey

04.01.2023 | UniQuest | Case studies

We like to think the service we provide our partners is captured perfectly in this remark from the University of Hull’s Head of Global

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UniQuest | Relieving the applicant bottlenecks: enhanced offer-making, reduced turnaround times

13.12.2022 | UniQuest | Insights

If we compare any given UK university’s best practice applicant turnaround time with what that’s looked like in reality over the past few

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UniQuest | UniQuest partners with top 10 UK university to reach new international students

17.10.2022 | UniQuest | News

Global student conversion and retention specialist UniQuest is today announcing a new partnership with the University of Bristol – a top 10

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On the right track for good student engagement?

01.08.2022 | UniQuest | Insights

Right now, millions of applicants are nervously awaiting their A-level results to see whether they’ve made the grades to study at their

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Use live chat and instant messaging to boost student recruitment

25.07.2022 | UniQuest | Insights
Our data shows that connecting with your prospects before they apply is critical to driving conversion to enrolment. But how can you
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UniQuest | Protecting the student experience in an overloaded admissions funnel

11.07.2022 | UniQuest | Insights

2022 has been a remarkable year for the higher education sector, with universities across the UK witnessing a huge rise in the volume of

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Data-driven student engagement to improve enrolment

17.05.2022 | UniQuest

Can you deliver high quality communications to prospective students and measure their impact throughout the cycle?

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UniQuest | UniQuest surpasses 50-partner milestone as university trio join network

16.05.2022 | UniQuest | News

Global student conversion and retention specialist UniQuest has grown its network of UK higher education partners, following three new

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